THE OLD ATHENS FARM Organically Grown Produce

COVID-19 Ordering

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Old Athens Farm will be offering alternative sales platforms.

  1. Pre-ordering & prepaid pickup at farmers markets through an online ordering platform (starting May 2 in Brattleboro and May 23 in Londonderry)
  2. For neighborhood buyers clubs, we will offer wholesale prices with a minimum order of $300 (contact Mike directly for details,
  3. CSA options may be availible (contact

The Old Athens Farm

About The Old Athens Farm

VOF certified organic

The Old Athens Farm is a small family run Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) certified organic farm in Westminster, Vermont. Since 1989 Michael Collins has been dedicated to growing the highest quality produce possible for the local market. Our specialty has long been early season greenhouse crops. We have developed a reputation for producing the earliest tomatoes and cucumbers year after year. When customers say, “Those tomatoes taste like real tomatoes.” We can proudly say that it is because they are real tomatoes, grown organically in rich soil, tended with extreme care, and picked as ripe as possible. Taste and freshness come first at the Old Athens Farm. [continue]

Buy Our Produce

Our produce is availible directly from us at the Brattleboro and Londonderry farmers markets, as well as a variety of retailers. For more information about purchasing our produce, click here.

We partner with many fine restaurants and stores in our area committed to local and organically grown food. In addition we often work with individuals and caterers for special events who want to feature our vegetables. For more information about wholesale, click here.