THE OLD ATHENS FARM Organically Grown Produce

Online Ordering


Order by 6:00pm Tuesday evenings. You can pre-pay with your gift certificate, PayPal, your credit card, or you can chose to pay when you pick-up with a check, or cash. To avoid credit card charges, we prefer you pay with your gift certificate, a check, or cash. Please bring exact change You can access the online ordering platform at Orders cannot be placed more than 6 days in advance.


  • At the Putney Central School from 5:00 to 6:00.
  • In Brattleboro at or near the Rt. 9 Farmer’s Market site from 5:00 to 6:00.
  • At the farm, 463 Daigle Rd. from 4:30 to 6:00

Order by 6:00pm Tuesday.

To choose home delivery you need a $30 minimum order and you will be charged a $5 delivery fee. You must be within 5 miles of our Putney, or Brattleboro pick-up sites. We will deliver either before, or after we are at our pick-up sites. This service will begin May27, when we will have a much greater offering. To sign up for this service please email me at so I can determine if your house is within delivery distance.


We will be at the Brattleboro Farmers Market starting Saturday, May 9th. It will be possible to pre-order and pre-pay from our shopping platform. For this pick-up you need to either pay with your gift card, or a credit card. The market is still working out the details of their curbside pick-up. Currently they are planning the curbside pick-up to be between 10:00am and noon at the Mallory parking lot, located on Guilford St. just before Memorial Park. To pick-up you will need to wear a mask and have a paper with your name written on it to show the volunteers. You will be expected to keep your windows shut until you are passed your bag.

We will be selling in person at the market from 10:00 to 1:00. The first hour of the in person market is reserved for at risk customers. If you attend the in person market, please bring small bills, so we do not have to make change. To attend this market you will also be required to wear a mask.


After the Londonderry Farmers Market ends in October we are hoping to add a delivery to Londonderry on Saturdays. My season generally runs through the 16th of November, which would give us 5 deliveries. I may also deliver the Saturday before Thanksgiving, if I still have enough available.

To sign up you will need to commit to ordering $30 per week. You will give me a non-refundable deposit of $150 before Columbus day. The deposit just guarantees a level of sales that makes the drive to Londonderry worth while. If I do not have enough interest, I will return your deposit. After you have made your deposit you will go to my shopping platform and order a gift card ( Choose COD as your payment method. You will then wait for me to send you a gift card number. You must get the number before you try to order, so please do not to put off getting your gift card until the last minute.

You may order more than $30 per week. If your gift card runs out, you can just pay as you go.

The order deadline will be 8am Friday mornings. The deadline is firm. We need time to harvest your food and pack your orders.

The pick-up times will be from 10am to 11am in the upper parking area, opposite Route 100.


Get a group or friends, or neighbors together and order directly from us. This is by far the least expensive way to buy our produce. We will offer our restaurant wholesale prices to customers that make orders of $200 or more. Our delivery schedule will be firmed up once the season has started, but it is usually as follows: Monday and Thursday afternoons to Brattleboro and Putney, or Tuesday and Friday to Bellows Falls, Walpole, and Keene. We may also coordinate with our CSA pick-ups in Brattleboro and Londonderry on Wed. evening. If you are interested in this option, please contact Mike directly to work out the details (

The Old Athens Farm

About The Old Athens Farm

VOF certified organic

The Old Athens Farm is a small family run Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) certified organic farm in Westminster, Vermont. Since 1989 Michael Collins has been dedicated to growing the highest quality produce possible for the local market. Our specialty has long been early season greenhouse crops. We have developed a reputation for producing the earliest tomatoes and cucumbers year after year. When customers say, “Those tomatoes taste like real tomatoes.” We can proudly say that it is because they are real tomatoes, grown organically in rich soil, tended with extreme care, and picked as ripe as possible. Taste and freshness come first at the Old Athens Farm. [continue]

Buy Our Produce

Our produce is availible directly from us at the Brattleboro and Londonderry farmers markets, as well as a variety of retailers. For more information about purchasing our produce, click here.

We partner with many fine restaurants and stores in our area committed to local and organically grown food. In addition we often work with individuals and caterers for special events who want to feature our vegetables. For more information about wholesale, click here.