THE OLD ATHENS FARM Organically Grown Produce


Old Athens Farm free-range, pastured, organically-fed chickens are raised the way chickens should be: plenty of space, food, light, water, fresh air, clean bedding, plus sheltered from the rain and cold. We generally harvest them at 7-8 weeks, somewhere between 3-5 lbs.

We partner with Paul Harlow of Harlow Farm to produce the tastiest chickens on the market. Old Athens Farm houses the chick nursery. From their cozy safe beginnings they thrive together in a warm, safe, and spacious environment. At 2 weeks they graduate to their own greenhouse, then at four weeks, during the summer months, onto full pasture at Paul Harlow’s farm in Westminster. There are always predators: owls, rats, foxes, fisher cats, raccoons, coyotes, the odd migrating Goshawk stopping in for a snack…. protecting the lives of our birds is no small feat. Moving the birds to Harlow Farm at 4 to 5 weeks of age lets us concentrate on the environment for younger chickens and likely fools the predators.

A young chick
An 8 week old chicken

Organically Raised

We have always fed our chickens certified-organic grain in addition to their foraging. This year we have decided to buy grain more locally, from Bob Crow, in eastern NY state, which is grown using organic standards, but not certified by the USDA. We take full advantage of the rich chicken waste from the nursery by adding it to our compost piles; thus improving the soil in the greenhouses where we grow our delicious tomatoes.


Chickens fertilizing a field
An 8 week old chicken

In the fall we house them here in moveable chicken coops, where they range on previously cut sections of salad greens that won’t be re-planted until the following year. It is amazing to see how quickly 200 meat birds can clean up a section of previously planted earth, providing fertilizer, insect control, and amusement to the spectator.

How To Buy Our Chickens

We bring fresh and frozen whole chickens to both Londonderry and Brattleboro Markets every week so it is easy to try one of our chickens, or buy several for the freezer. Our current price is $5.00/lb.

Join the OLD ATHENS FARM CHICKEN CLUB! If you buy 10 chickens from us in the current growing season YOU GET AN 11TH BIRD FOR FREE! You can download and print your chicken card here.

Please contact us if you plan to buy a number of chickens at once so we can plan ahead and get them to you at market.