THE OLD ATHENS FARM Organically Grown Produce

From The Kitchen of The Old Athens Farm

Rebecca runs the kitchen at Old Athens Farm producing two unique salad dressings for sale; the amazing “Marryin’ Sauce” and Miso Ginger Salad dressing. The kitchen is busy all the time with the intent to put as much fresh produce into our freezers as possible. We are serious cooks. Winter in Vermont can be long and challenging, so eating a meal entirely from our own farm on those dark days is both delicious and rewarding.

Marryin’ Sauce

I first tasted this fresh sauce in southern France, although it isn’t at all French in origin. My friend’s mother made the sauce as a dressing for the loads of wild watercress we gathered from the creek. It was fresh and spectacular and unlike anything I’d tasted before. Years later, working by memory and from barely legible scribbles found in a notebook, the method still in my head, I re-created the sauce to use as a raw vegetable dip, and as a dressing for strong-tasting fresh greens. Suddenly, it was also a great spread for whole grain bread, a dip for tortilla chips, and a game changer for a bowl of rice. My friends put it on chicken, used it as a marinade, a condiment, and called me for more. My French friend’s mother was macrobiotic, gluten-free, and vegan/vegetarian in the 80’s in France, which I think was fairly unique at that time. A Brazilian friend once told me that when I was ready to get married I only needed to make this sauce for my boyfriend, and he’d be hooked! I had no idea at the time that I would eventually marry the farmer who grew the vegetables that complete my sauce. We have called it Marryin’ Sauce ever since.


Nutritional Yeast provides the base upon which the many other flavorful ingredients are layered. Raw Organic Sesame Seeds are finely ground, along with a mix of fresh ground traditional Indian Spices (organically sourced when possible) which soak up and react in Organic Tamari and fresh Organic Lemon Juice. Loads of Raw Fresh Organic Garlic from our garden and Local, Organic Sunflower Oil complete this creamy emulsion that coats and clings to veggies!

Miso Ginger Salad Dressing

Our Miso Ginger Salad Dressing is light and creamy, a perfect dressing for raw shredded Carrots, raw shredded beets, chopped Napa Cabbage, thinly sliced Hakurei Salad Turnips, Salad Greens, or any mix of raw vegetables you put together!

South River Organic Miso is a protein-rich paste made with fermented soybeans. Miso provides essential minerals and vitamins, as well as beneficial bacteria that help digestion and overall balanced gut flora. Locally sourced from Massachusetts.


  • Ginger and Garlic from The Old Athens Farm
  • Rice Wine Vinegar
  • Organic Lemon Juice
  • Local Honey
  • Organic Black Pepper

Where To Buy

Rebecca’s Marryin’ Sauce is sold at both Brattleboro and Londonderry Farmers Markets

$8.00 for a 5.5 ounce tureen, and by special order, minimum 4 jars. Contact Rebecca by phone (802) 722-9047 or email for inquiries and orders.